Resources & Tips

Thanks for joining us at the 2021 NYC Spin-In! To help you make the most of your participation – and raise funds that will propel pediatric research forward at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – we’ve compiled some resources below. Share this page with your teammates!

Fundraising Tips

Share Your Why

Make your personal fundraising page personal! Share with family and friends why you are raising funds for pediatric research.


Donate to your team and kick off your fundraising. Statistics show individuals are more likely to donate when they see others have!

Rally the Team

Share your stories and fundraising strategies. Encourage teammates to do the same. See our Team Fundraising Ideas.

Ask Everyone

Don’t be afraid to ask everyone to support you! What about your co-workers? Relatives? Neighbors? See Fundraising in 5 Days for more ideas.

Get Social

You may be surprised at the support you’ll receive from a Facebook post, tweet or Instagram photo. Share your personal fundraising page on all your social media channels.


Send individual emails to each of your family and friends. Tip: Remember to be specific when asking for a donation! See our Email Writing Tips.

Text Messaging

Do you have friends or family who don’t check their email often? Try sending a text message! Be sure to include your fundraising page URL and even a fun photo.

2x Your Impact

Check with your HR department to see if your employer will match employee donations or search our matching gifts directory for your company name.

Recruit Others

Encourage friends to join your team or donate. Download this PowerPoint template and customize it with your photos and links to your team page.

Say Thank You!

Remember to thank ALL your donors, because without them pediatric research would stagnate instead of moving forward. Tag your donors on social media and recognize them publicly for helping your cause.

Social Media Tips

Using social media to support your fundraiser can be easy, effective and fun! Get your friends and family involved — and raise more money to fuel pediatric research — by following the simple tips below.

Recognize Supporters

Give your supporters a shout out with a tag or @mention! This can encourage others to donate while also showing your appreciation. You can also thank people through direct messages.

Link to Us!

Even though some posts will be more donation focused than others, always give people the opportunity to learn more about the latest pediatric breakthroughs and donate using your personal URL.

Use hashtags

Use #NYCSpinIn in your posts to make it easy for your friends to follow your fundraising progress. You may even see your post on the NYC Spin-In website!

Tag us

Tag @ChildrensHospitalofPhiladelphia on Facebook, @ChildrensPhila on Twitter, or @childrensphila on Instagram so we can follow along.


The NYC Spin-In logo is available for use by participating teams seeking to bolster their fundraising efforts and build camaraderie among team members. Logos may be used on team T-shirts, social media posts and print materials. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Calabrese at before use.